Achieve frictionless KYC & Onboarding with Finologee’s KYC Manager platform


A digital customer onboarding and KYC file lifecycle management platform tailored for Luxembourg-regulated financial institutions.

KYC Manager is a highly sophisticated digital KYC data management platform. It is the only product designed and tailored specifically to the Luxembourg financial market. Using the state-of-the-art KYC Manager, regulated financial institutions have a proven, quantifiable track record of saving time, money, offering a better customer experience and improving the quality of their data. 

Finologee works with Harmoney, Belgium’s leading KYC lifecycle management platform to offer KYC Manager. The platform is already used extensively outside Luxembourg. Our partner Harmoney has a unique partnership with listed Swiss insurance giant Baloise, who already uses KYC Manager throughout Belgium. Baloise have already offered KYC remediation using KYC Manager to 240,000 Belgian customers and they saw a 50% increase in their conversion rate in less than one quarter.

In Luxembourg, La Mondiale Europartners (LMEP) already uses KYC Manager. LMEP saw a 40 % increase in completion of their KYC remediation in just ten weeks. KYC Manager allows LMEP to shorten their KYC submission process to under 10 minutes. The quality of the data collected through the platform is superior to manual KYC collection processes.

KYC Manager is a state-of-the-art remediation solution, designed specially to meet the needs of Luxembourg’s private banks, fund administrators and insurers. The platform is future-proof and can be adapted as the compliance landscape evolves and new legislation comes into force. 

KYC Manager offers Luxembourg’s financial institutions a unique opportunity to modernise and improve their KYC remediation. KYC Manager is a trailblazing product which sets the standard for digital KYC remediation in Luxembourg. Clients benefit from some of the fastest and most efficient practices, saving significant time, money and manpower, all while improving quality with watertight processes and offering clients a smooth customer experience.

Using KYC Manager, the concrete successes experienced by LMEP can easily be enjoyed by other firms in Luxembourg.

KYC Manager is a ready-to-use KYC data management platform offered by a local company with a Luxembourg Support PFS license. Finologee also have a ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

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