EFS: from financial leaders to change makers


The second edition of the European Finance Summit (EFS) will take place on March 18th, 2021. This online edition will bring together several local and international experts who will discuss the latest trends of the sector and exchange their best practices. In the current context, the organizers picked a topic that is more relevant than ever, “from Financial Leaders to Change Makers: Time to Renovate”, with a focus on sustainable recovery and green transition.

The financial services industry is undergoing seismic change and the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) trend cannot be ignored anymore. Nowadays, a climate risk clearly represents a financial risk and investors are increasingly applying non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Whether it is based on a long-term strategy or an immediate investment, we can all contribute to launching a sustainable recovery, which will help us go past the current crisis that hits the world. EFS, through its dedicated session organized from Luxembourg, will therefore highlight the latest initiatives and actions in terms of sustainable finance, as well as highlighting some of the startups that are modernizing the financial sector.

Insightful conference sessions

The morning session, which will be opened by Nicolas Mackel (CEO, Luxembourg For Finance), will be focused on increasing the awareness and the need for a green recovery, it will consist in the sharing of several milestones and actions achieved so far. A round-table animated by Arnaud Gillin (Partner, Innpact) will notably feature Linda Zeilina (Founder & CEO, International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC)), Raymond Schadeck (Chairman of the board, unature.org), Philipp von Restorff (Deputy CEO, Luxembourg for Finance) and Sachin Vankalas (General Manager, LuxFLAG).

David Schrieberg (CEO & founder, VitalBriefing) will then share a presentation entitled “Sustainable Finance Information or Intoxication: Trusting What You Read”. Sustainability goals for tomorrow's financial sector will also be tackled, though a round-table discussion, with the participation of Anne-Claire Roux (Managing Director, Finance for Tomorrow), Julien Froumouth (Sustainable Finance Adviser, ABBL), Chiara Caprioli (Senior Business Development Manager & Sustainable Finance Expert, Luxembourg Stock Exchange), Hedda Pahlson-Moller (Founder & CEO, TIIME.org) and Rik Coeckelbergs (Founder and Managing Director, The Banking Scene).

Startups will also be on the agenda thanks to Alex Panican (Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem, LHoFT). Finally, the morning session will end with Inès Leonarduzzi (Founder & President, Digital For The Planet), with a keynote speech followed by the fireside chat with Nasir Zubairi (CEO, LHoFT).

After the lunch break, Jonathan Prince (Co-founder & CSO, Finologee) will introduce the topics of the afternoon and will welcome Julien Froumouth (Sustainable Finance Adviser, ABBL) for a presentation entitled “Investors-to-be: fostering a new generation of financial leaders”.

First, experts will participate in a session dedicated to the funds industry, and entitled “Different shades of ESG”, with the participation of Sachin Vankalas (General Manager, LuxFLAG), Carmine De Franco (Head of Fundamental Research, Ossiam) and Arnaud Bisschop (Senior Portfolio Manager, Thematics AM). The following session will focus on ESG Funds and will feature Vitaline Copay (Sustainable Investing Analyst, Quintet Private Bank), Thibaut Ghirardi (Senior Manager, Finance ClimAct), Xavier Desmadryl ( Global Head of ESG Research and PRI, ‎HSBC) and Emmanuel Roque (Head of Sales & Business Development, Sogelife).

Tonika Hirdman (Director General, Fondation de Luxembourg), Kris De Souter (Head of Private Banking & Member of the Executive Committee, Bank Degroof Petercam Luxembourg) and Najat Skeate (President & Founder, LAWM) will then discuss how sustainable finance is shifting the investment industry, with a focus on the role of UHNWI. Finally, Florent Albert (Managing Director Europe, Group Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board of Directors) has confirmed his participation to the last round-table discussion of the day, “COVID-19 as a Catalyst to sustainable processes” together with Fernando Valenzuela (CFO  & Member of Executive Committee, RBC Investor & Treasury Services) and François Masquelier (CEO, Simply Treasury)

During the day, participants will also have the opportunity to follow an exclusive webinar “Sustainable finance: from regulatory agenda to product integration” and discuss with their peers thanks to the digital exhibition and networking areas provided to them by the organizers.

Who will win the Luxembourg Finance Awards?

Finally, as usual, the event will feature the traditional Luxembourg Finance Awards. Since 2009, these prizes aim at promoting and spreading the latest best practices, favoring the emulation between the country’s professionals as well as recognizing the best solutions provided on the market. This year, a total of 9 prizes will be distributed:

Treasury Manager of the Year – a prize supported by ATEL: it rewards a leader in treasury and finance, who has helped the company to benefit from new insights, achieve improvements in efficiency, spreading best practices and establishing solid and viable relationships with banks and company partners.

Inspirational Woman in Finance: it recognizes an outstanding woman shaping and influencing the financial industry in Luxembourg.

Fintech Solution of the Year: it rewards a company, which has decided to offer a new, creative, innovative, efficient service or product. This company works to improve customer experience and demonstrates this through its solution.

Best Green and Sustainable Initiative: it recognizes a financial organization that has successfully integrated economic, social and environmental sustainability either into its internal and/or external strategy/business.

Outstanding Contribution to the Luxembourg Financial Center: it rewards a company for its commitment to developing the financial place of Luxembourg and promoting the country worldwide.