Iles de Paix

Iles de Paix (Islands of Peace) is an NGO for development, founded in Belgium in 1965 by Nobel Peace prize-winner Dominique Pire.
At the same time, a few Luxembourgish admirers of Pire founded Iles de Paix Luxembourg.

For more than 50 years, in Africa and South America, the organization has helped support men and women fighting poverty. Rural populations are being trained to improve agricultural production and transformation with a view to enhancing the distribution and sale of their goods.
Helping farmers to harvest more, as opposed to just donating bags of rice, is a lengthy process with considerable challenges. However, this approach provides opportunities for results that are far greater
and more sustainable for beneficiaries. They will benefit for a much longer time because “they learned how to fish.”

Iles de Paix is currently active in Burkina Faso, Benin, Tanzania, Uganda and Peru.
It finances its development programs through equity financing (fundraising, legacy and donations) and thanks to the help of public offices such as the Belgian Ministry of Cooperation and Development,
the Foreign affairs Ministry of Luxembourg and the EU. Building an enlightened and active public opinion.

In Europe, Iles de Paix develops educational programs on global citizenship aimed at diverse audiences, with a special focus on schools.
In light of this, Iles de Paix provides schools with a number of educational tools and in-class activities.

Our activities

Iles de Paix intervenes in poor rural areas, where populations are struggling to produce enough to eat. Enhancing agricultural production is our absolute priority.
Uncultivated areas are being turned into crops, soil is being enriched, irrigation systems are being installed and adapted, and sustainable farming techniques are being taught to producers.
Iles de Paix trains and supports thousands of farmers in order to enhance their food security and quality of life through the promotion of familial and sustainable agriculture, as well as responsible nutrition.

1/ Producing more and better
Using quality seeds, improving access to water for crops, fertilizing soil (with cheaper natural fertilizers), fighting soil erosion, as well as better health for cattle through proper

2/ Managing stocks
Delaying and/or storing production in order to adapt to market demand, and enhancing food supplies to cover family and community needs.

3/ Generating revenue.
Increasing revenues through the transformation of production allows us to support other needs, such as school expenses, healthcare expenses, etc.
No matter the region, even the most remote, our aim is to permanently enhance the living conditions of the most disadvantaged.

Making a lasting difference

Since I started cultivating rice using techniques Iles de Paix taught me, my harvest is much better. As my husband also owns a parcel of land, we manage to cover the needs of the whole
family and earn enough money for our householdexpenses.
” Diapkampoa, farmer in Diapangou, Burkina Faso 

In the past, we had a very dark kitchen without a sink or ventilation. Thanks to Iles de Paix, we’re now happy to have a shower in our home and have dramatically improved our kitchen. We
are happy. My family and I learned that we can live in a better way.
” Lucas Villegas Campos in Sanata Maria Del Valle, Peru

Iles de Paix helped us a great deal. We were able to install two wells to irrigate our vegetable crops. We also took part in trainings and meetings with other farmers to share our experience. We sell almost everything we produce in the market. Today, I’m able to pay for everything my children need for school, healthcare and household expenses. I hope to be able to buy a bicycle soon.” Mathias Yokossi,
Vegetable producer in Tokotingou, Benin

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