INSquary is a Paris-based Regtech specialized in the insurance sector. We propose an Internet platform that facilitates and secures the relations between insurers and their partners (brokers, outsourced backoffices).  These partners check their compliance with the relevant control points covering all their regulatory obligations under the various regulations (AML-GFT, GDPR, DIA, ...), good practices, recommendations of the regulatory authorities, etc. INSquary also offers them tools for managing their compliance action plans. In practice, these partners respond to a questionnaire, which is flexible, and deposit their dematerialized documents on the web platform. The insurer has access to this "virtual binder". He benefits from a consolidated, managed and traceable vision of their current compliance, and from a means of proof regarding the application of his Outsourcing policies (Solvency 2) and Product Oversight  and Governance (DIA). The platform helps the insurers to automate collection work, otherwise very time-consuming, analyze the risks of non-compliance of their partners, record the controls and prove that the diligences.

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