Emmanuel Moyrand

CEO, Azteq & VP, France Meta

Expert in the world of insurance since 2001, approved by insurers and the Ministry of Public Accounts, Bronze medal  of the CES of Las Vegas in 2018 for its Blockchain applications dedicated to insurance, expertise, and banking (WAKAM, COVEA, GENERALI, CAMCA)
Blockchain leader since 2015, I built 80 use cases in the world of insurance and banking with their impact on tokenization in the BUs of large groups.

Winner in 2020 of the EFMA blockchain award in the "Wealth management" category on the Private Banking and Investment in Unlisted Assets dimension.
Active member of FG2A, FANAF and partner of ROAM and Cercle LAB, Co-Founder of Insurtech France in 2020, with 150 companies dedicated to innovation and new technologies in the world of insurance and banking, I am a central element of this innovation ecosystem.

Co founder of FRANCE META association for the defense of French metaverses, interoperable, RGPD brings together 1300 members in France and Canada.
Co-founder of the Metaverse college continuing education, we bring the first meta degree on the web3, with 12 modules of 80 hours in face-to-face or asynchronous digital. Founder of my consulting firm web3 nft blockchain, I train, I accompany and I deliver metavers, nfts and blockchain to SMEs and large groups.