Francesca Prym

CEO of UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A

Francesca Prym is CEO of UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg ) S.A since February 2019.

In December 2019 she has been appointed Head of ManCos Europe. Francesca was from 2016 until February 2019 acting as Head of compliance and operational risk control of UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A. In this capacity, she was responsible for implementation and monitoring of the compliance policy, centralization of information on compliance issues, analysis of compliance issues, interventions and follow-up, assistance and advice to senior management and board of directors in compliance matters, complaints handling, awareness and training of staff, communication with authorities, documentation of the work and internal reporting.

Francesca speaks Italian, English, French and has a good basic knowledge in German.

Prior to joining UBS, Francesca was working as Managing Director for SMBC Nikko during 4 years and Conducting Officer in charge of Risk Management at MDO during 5 years.