Georges Bock

Founder and CEO, Moniflo

I’m the founder of Investre, the Luxembourg-based technology company behind the easy-to-use DIY investing platform, Moniflo.

Moniflo gives a new generation of retail investors the investment account and tools they need to invest in funds that match their ethics. With the Moniflo app, the critical and conscious can take investment decisions into their own hands.

I’m Partner at Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital, a Luxembourg-based investment company specialised in fintechs. I’m also a Non-Executive Board Director for Investify Tech, and Exceet.

Before immersing myself in the fintech and start-up scene, I served as Managing Partner at KPMG Luxembourg from 2012 to 2016. In all, I spent 27 years with KPMG, specializing in asset management, banking, taxation, and capital markets.

I have served as board member for ALFI, ILA, and Fedil. I have also contributed to European professional associations, including EFAMA and the EU Commission Expert Groups.