Adi Berland

CEO, Kids Life Skills

Started her career life as a nurse and after that moved to become emergency manager in the Israeli ministry of health after graduating  her Masters in Emergency medicine and crisis management (M.EM). As a youth she volunteered in MDA (Israeli red cross) and was also a rappelling instructor and jeep tour guide for small and large groups. One of her big passions is traveling and seeing the world, hiking through out South America, the far east and Australia and New Zealand. After visiting Luxembourg and falling in love with the place, Adi and her family moved here from Israel in August 2018.
With vast experience in project management, coordinating and collaborating with multiple organizations and of course working well under pressure, Adi was searching for a new career. After learning about the organization, the people who stood behind it and the idea and approach, Adi joined Kids Life Skills as the chief executive officer in October 2019. Quickly becoming completely invested in making the development of logical thinking, problem solving, self learning and teamwork capabilities accessible to all children. Strongly believing in “Kids Life Skills” ability to better kids' futures around the world.