Raymond Schadeck

Chairman of the board, unature.org

With degrees both in ecomomics and law, Raymond spent the first 29 years of his career, as an auditor and consultant, with a ‘Big 4 Firm’, where he assumed, among others, responsibilities as partner, people leader, audit division head, CFO and CEO.

In 2010 Raymond decided to change career and use his competencies, experience and energy, for about 50% to serve as an independent director in Boards of local but also international corporations in different sectors, dedicating the other 50% on social and societal projects, initiatives and associations with a clear focus on education at multiple levels and in all of its forms in Luxembourg and abroad. Raymond has the strong believe that the Covid-19 crisis offers a unique opportunity to accelerate the pace to a real triple bottom line strategy at all levels.

He is, as such, devoting all of his energy to assist the corporations ( triple bottom line : Planet, People, Profit ) and all the non-for-profit associations and projects  ( triple bottom line : Planet, People and Impact) he is committed to, to grab the huge opportunities embedded in the shift of values the world is presently experiencing. 

Raymond is happily married since more than 30 years and a happy father of two; ‘happiness as parents meaning that you realize that your kids have turned out to be genuinely good people’.